In Lecture, we saw how to set up Leap Motion or Kinect and get data flowing into our python apps. We learned how to track hands and display their position on screen and how to create a simple gesture detector (clap). For this assignment, I used the Leap Motion to create a virtual harp. I used the sensor as the input device and output notes using the FluidSynth synthesizer.

In my implementation, moving a hand over to the left side of the GUI, opens 'tabs'. Each tab represents a different chords, with notes that are shuffled and have octave multipliers. Chords changes affect the background color. The velocity of the note played is louder, the further forward the z_pos is. I created a string animation that is a factor of the frequency playing. When a higher frequency is played the string vibrates faster than when a lower frequency is played. Aesthetically, I was totally inspired by this project.

Video Demo